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In September 2000, The Village Learning Center, Inc. (now doing business as “The Village Centers”) was established as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization in Kingwood, Texas.

Founders Kimberly Brusatori and Linda Schuiten were inspired to come together to develop programs and services for individuals with disabilities, in response to the lack of such offerings in Northeast Houston. Both had children with disabilities who would soon be graduating from high school and leaving behind the structure and programs that school offers.

The ultimate vision was to create a full-time program that would provide much-needed support and structure benefiting individuals with disabilities and their families. The word “Village” was chosen because the founders realized that the organization’s success depended upon the support of their community. They knew that it would take a Village to make their vision a reality.

The Village began by offering one program, the day program, for adults with IDD in need of learning opportunities, engaging activities, and care during weekday hours.  Over time, the organization has expanded and added programs and services to meet the many needs of individuals with IDD and their families, including residential facilities, expanded vocational training and job opportunities, transportation, and more.

Two mothers' love for their children inspired a vision for the future and has helped hundreds of families. 

Mother and special needs son.
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